Hello world!


I am spending 2 weeks in San Francisco!!! I think that a lot of my clients, friends, and even my mom and dad are thinking that i’m being super-lazy and killing the time of my life by traveling every free second I get. That’s a ..myth!  For the last few days I’ve been getting up in the mornings, and heading to charming San Francisco cafes in the company of my pretty MacBook Pro, and.. we’ve spent days drinking coffee, watching people passing by, daydreaming and figuring out what’s the next big thing I we should do for my wedding photography business. X days, and y coffee-cups later the answer finally came to me! It proved those coffee-shops totally useless; on the other hand my lovely  cosy and funky hostel turned out to be quite priceless. I was chatting about life, traveling and work with my dorm mates yesterday night, and one smart boy said that…maybe I should get a BLOG! He even enlightened me on the technicalities of the process of setting one up through wordpress.com  <Thank you David ! ! !>, and picking the customized Theme… which I did after browsing hundreds of them! I ended up choosing the prettiest one, didn’t I ?!  :)

As to San Francisco, …i’m LOVING it, and yet, this time around I decided to rebel and avoid all the touristic drags. I  kind of hope that sooner or later I’ll move here. I’ll see everything then:) So, for now i’m  just taking it easy, feeling things out, and exploring the city via its’ coffee-shops. This might seem silly, but those cafes … they can tell  you Everything about its’ city. They really can!:):):)

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